Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Conrad Poem Meta Cognitive

Carla Castillo Mr. Gallagher
P.2 AP lit.

Heart of Darkness Meta-Cognitive

After completing Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad it left an impression on me of how maybe if Marlow had known what this journey would have truly brought him, would he have gone on it to begin with. In my poem I tried to retell the novella in Marlow’s perspective but in a more morbid and depressing manner. I felt like this eerie way of portraying Marlow’s journey really gives a different but really similar interpretation of Heart of Darkness.
“A haze vanishing the flatness
holding our hearts together
the air was dark and motionless
I let him run on”.
I titled my poem I let him run on because I feel like its almost an interpretation of Marlow letting him self and his apprehensions about going on this trip be released from his conscious. I feel if he had thought about what he was getting himself into there is a chance he wouldn’t have even tried to go on this trip. I started my poem by talking about the journey itself in my head I pictured the opening of a scene a misty river in between a jungle. Deep green is seen in every direction the sky is dark gray from the fog and Marlow is in his own mind thinking of what is awaiting him.
gaze at the moon
miserable and sick stillness
looking at us two It arrested me
the movement almost black
I wanted to provide a lot of imagery in my poem just like Conrad did in Heart of Darkness. The imagery of Heart of Darkness is what really made the story so invoking to the reader and I wanted my poem to have a similar affect on the readers of my poem.

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